Our course

A story that begins in 1956!

The name MISEL GROUP is synonymous with the art of hairdressing, beauty, creation, and training of young people. We continue in the course of the years with absolute passion, inspiration, creation and knowledge, giving the young hairdressers specialization, and all the supplies for the future.

Unique Specialization

All these years MISEL GROUP Schools train young people who have the will to enter the field of hairdressing and aesthetics, with sensitivity and awareness of the burden of our responsibility towards the younger generation.

We offer our know-how to our students in order to have all the supplies in order to be able to work immediately after their studies.
This is our main goal! The immediate professional rehabilitation of our graduates!

Masterclass Programs

Enrich your knowledge and fine-tune your technique with us.


Hairdressing Seminars

Seminars are designed to meet the needs of hairdressers of all levels.


Hairdressing Specialization

The programs are an ideal choice for hairdressing specialization and retraining.


A taste of our school

Watch the video on our students education at our school.



MISEL GROUP Hair+Beauty Lounge

Since 1956 we have created a world more beautiful! MISEL GROUP Hair+Beauty Lounge and their associates have been providing you with the most quality hair services for decades.

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